Gold Award Winner - Mindfield Film Festival

I am excited to share that I have received a 'Gold Award' from the Mindfield Film Festival • Albuquerque Bi-monthly competition for Best Original Score! This is my first award for scoring so happy to start the year off on a good note!! Big congrats to the Benefited Feature Film Team! Go us!


Benefited is a disturbing eye opening montage detailing the intertwining lives of a young single mother, a man struggling to be a father, and an adolescent thief. These three lives clash together in this didactic drama set in the Western Sydney government housing area. Just Survive Somehow. Written and directed by award winning actress and filmmaker Clare McCann, Benefited is an unflinching look at the lower socio economic areas of Sydney Australia shinning a spotlight on social stigma and those suffering living below the poverty line. To keep updated with all things Benefited follow us on facebook and instagram: